Luke loves Lily. And Lily loves Luke. They are part of our family and we love them very much! This is their first litter and it's been a fun experience.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Puppies In Action!

The babies learn how to eat for the first time...

    Clifford and Hedwig playing together

    Sunday, December 19, 2010

    Meet Hedwig...

    stacked, age 11 weeks

    profile, age 11 weeks
    sweet boy, age 6 weeks

    Hedwig was the lightest colored puppy born. His coat even had a silvery glow to it for the first few days and continues to be very sleek and beautiful. He is a Red/White parti color. He likes to sniff everything and is always curious. He's named after Harry Potter's owl Hedwig because he seems wise for his age. He is available NOW for $500.

    Meet Clifford...

    profile, age 11 weeks

    stacked, age 11 weeks

    sweet baby boy, age 6 weeks
    Clifford was the puppy with the biggest head. When he was born, his big head helped us figure out which one was him! It was very cute. He has since grown in to his head by adding a very large body. We just had to name him after Clifford, the big red dog. After all he is a big Red/White parti colored boy! He is very laid back and sweet. He is available NOW for $500.

    Other litter mates...




    Watch them grow...

    Lily is becoming a very good mommy. All the puppies are thriving and gaining an ounce a day! The biggest pup, the tri male, has already hit the one pound mark!
    All warm and snuggly in bed at 3 weeks old. A few toys are present, but not really acknowledged yet since their eyes and ears just opened recently.
    Lily resting after a day of feedings and cleanings. But she's never too far from the babies.
    Still snuggling in a warm, fuzzy group at 4 weeks old.
    Trying puppy food for the first time at 4 1/2 weeks old.

    Puppies born 11-30-10

    Lily x Luke puppies were born on November 30, 2010. Shortly after being x-rayed and expecting five puppies, there were five adorable babies born: boy tri,black/white girl, red/white boy, large red/white bot, and lastly black/white girl. Lily was exhausted but a proud momma. We settled her and the babies in to their new warm bed area for the night. A few hours later, we were surprised when number six, red/white girl appeared! She struggled a little at first and was the smallest of them all, but was a fighter. All puppies made it safe and healthy!

    The Story of Luke and Lily

    Luke is an AKC registered Black/White/Tan colored American Cocker Spaniel, one and a half years old. He was bred by Amaris Alcantar and is by CH Sugarplum's Shiver and out of Gold Creek Nutmeg Knock-Out. He also has many grand-champions on both sides, including CH Empire's Brooklyn Dodger, multiple Best in Show winner and 1995 Cocker Spaniel Club Best Cocker Spaniel. Luke has a playful, sweet temperment. He loves to play ball and with any toy he can find.

    Lily is an AKC registered Red/White parti colored American Cocker Spaniel, two years old. She has several grand-champions in her bloodlines . Lily is very smart and sweet tempered with a funny personality. She loves to play with the other dogs and the cats. She also likes to catch bugs and then let them go.